Queen's Beach (Lagoon)

Nin is a magical oasis of sandy beaches that extend for about 8,000 meters. They are often proclaimed as the most beautiful beached in Croatia (Queen’s Beach, Ždrijac, Prodorica, and Bilotinjak. The Nin lagoon abounds in favorable winds ideal for surfing.

The Queen’s Beach is a 3-km-long sandy beach in the Nin lagoon with one of the most beautiful views of Mount Velebit that takes your breath away. It is favorable for a peaceful vacation of families with small children.

The first Croatian King Tomislav, after his solemn coronation ceremony, came to Nin on vacation. When coming to Nin, the queen would go to the sandy beach in the peaceful lagoon where there was medicinal mud. Her courtiers recommended to cover her skin with this mud and it would later have a glittering shine. This was the queen’s favorite beach in Croatia. One day the king came to the beach and stayed all afternoon with his queen.

Upon that romantic occasion he said: “This place will be only yours when we come to Nin. I wish to spend at least one afternoon with you here for this is paradise on earth and this is your beach.“ The queen’s courtiers from then on called the beach Queen’s Beach and every time the queen stayed in Nin people would not visit the lovely sandy beach.This fact has been passed on until today and the name Queen’s Beach can be found in written documents.