Cultural heritage

The Historical and Cultural Heritage of Nin is large and important, comprising among others :

The Church of the Holy Crossis the most famous monument , also known as the " world's smallest cathedral." It was built in the ninth century and is shaped like a Greek cross. Deviations from the appropriate axis and " mistakes" in masonry are the result of "tracking" of the sun. So the church served as a sort of clock and calendar at the time it was built . Through the window position and angle of the light falling , according to the sun's rays can define the exact date of the equinox and solstice. During the Croatian rulers was used as a royal chapel courtyard near Duke .

Crkva u Ninu Svetog Nikole .

Coronation church of St. Nicholas (11th century ) located at the entrance to Nin address Zadar. It was built on a high mound. According to tradition, seven kings were crowned in Nin and every ruler crowned would ride on horseback to the Church of St. Nicholas, where people are present and on the mound, as a sign of his royal power , he would cut a sword of four corners of the world. A quote from Acts " History of the town of Nin ." In 16 or 17 century , because of the danger of the Turks, the church has a superior addition - a crown of battlements defense 8 served as a watchtower . The Church of St. Nicholas is the only surviving example of early Romanesque architecture so in Dalmatia.

Ostaci rimskog hrama

The remains of the Roman temple of the first century AD, from the reign of Emperor ( AD69 -79 ) Vespasian. His name is engraved in the inscription on the frieze of the facade of the temple. It is the largest building of its kind in the eastern side of the Adriatic Sea. Outer perimeter of the building was 33m long and 23.5 m wide. A Corinthian column original height of 17 meters the temple stands .

Crkva u Svetog Nikole Ninu

El Nin Antiquities Museum where you can see :

Boats Condura Croatica Croatian 11th century

Copy of part of the ship liburnica Serilia the ninth century

Replica of the baptismal font of the ninth century Duke Višeslav

Ansotica statue Venus , Roman goddess of love.

There is also a parish church of St. Anselm ( 18th century ) , a gothic chapel of St. Marcella , Saint Ambrose Church (13th century ) , the walls of the city of Nin. The Statue of bishop Gregory of Nin. Croatian boat Condura Croatica Old statue of Duke Branimir.