The prosperity of this region was based on the production of salt in prehistoric and ancient times. This region still lives on this very precious gift of nature. And this is how the story of the pecularities of this region, human activities and health begins

The technology of salt production uses to the maximum the benefits of this area: lots of sunshine favourable winds and the special geographical position. It is not suprising that Nin salt, with a high percentage of iodine, is among the best in Europe, and in the world. Indeed, this is not ordinary sea-salt-it is a gift of the local climate, an ideal blend of the Adriatic sea and sun with the wind coming from the mountain of Velebit. The increased concentration of natural iodine, due to the alga called petula, is added, so nature has created a salt which not only improves the taste of food , but also improves health.

The stay in Nin will give you an opportunity to get to know the unique flora and fauna and take with you as a special gift of different kinds of salt and souvenirs made from it. For many, the most interesting will be ''salt-flower''-the highest quality and healthiest type of salt, which has a large and important impact on your health and having it on your table daily will be a reminder of the exceptional Nin climate and its wonderful gifts. Nin sea salt presents a pleasure of taste and is more than a nutritional need. It is a gift of the Adriatic Sea, sun and wind from the slopes of Velebit that brings to life and exposes the essence of flavour. Increased concentrations of natural iodine due to algae (petula) inhabiting the seawater add extra flavour and increase the quality of Nin salt.

In the world of flavours, salt is the spice that changes everything. It's no wonder that correctly adding salt while cooking is a true form of art. Salt must be added to every dish at the right moment in order to achieve a more intense gourmet experience as well as to satisfy the basic physiological needs.