In Nin and its surroundings, there are many restaurants, konobas (taverns), cafés and other hospitality places where the visitor can enjoy the delights of excellent food and wine. No matter whether you choose tasty Mediterranean food dressed with local olive oil or perhaps a speciality from the nearby Nin hinterland, it will be an authentic cuisine from this area enriched by other specialities from other parts of Croatia.

If you would really like to try a well known Nin speciality, we suggest you try „šokol“ a dried meat product made from neck of pork conserved in pure sea salt and seasoning. It is given its recognisable taste by a completely unique "ingredien" that is, the real Nin "bura" (north-easterly wind) which carries with it mountain air enriched with the scents and herbs from Velebit, mixed with the sea air. A competition is dedicated to this speciality called „Ninska šokolijad“, (Šokol Festival) in which the aim is to retain the traditional of šokol’s preparation and also to offer the enjoyment of this recognisable product to guests themselves.